PPID Daily media summary, 23 October 2008

> Police issues
Dare! Campaign: Police officers hold awareness sessions for secondary school students in Visegrad
BiH and Algeria start negotiations over police cooperation
West –Herzegovina Canton Government discusses internal structure of Cantonal MoI
Multifunctional radar installed in Bihac
Video-surveillance camera installed in Livno
> Crime cases/Law and order
Two explosions in Banja Luka
Trebinje County Prosecutor receives death threats
Zenica-Doboj MoI seizes 21 heroin packs
Naser Oric’s ex wife released from custody
US lawyers abandon efforts to prove involvement of “Algerian group” in planning of terrorist attack on US Embassy in Sarajevo
> Political/ Other issues
BiH Parliamentary Assembly’s House of Representatives approves ratification of SAA
EU Enlargement Commissioner Rehn: Political consensus in BiH is brought to collapse
BiH Parliament HoR discusses Law on BiH Intelligence and Security Agency and the Law on protection of classified data
Conclusions of the two-day prosecutor’s conference
> Police issues
Dare! Campaign: Police officers hold awareness sessions for secondary school students in Visegrad
Glas Srpske pg 11 – Secondary school students from Visegrad had the opportunity to learn how to report acts of drug abuse, drug trafficking and drug production.
Crime Inspector Gorana Kostadinov, from the Visegrad police, pointed out that these secondary school visits took place within the scope of the “Dare!” campaign, which is currently being implemented by the European Union Police Mission and the BiH police.
The aim of this campaign is to inform citizens that they can safely report planned or committed crime acts and their perpetrators simply by calling the Krimolovci hotline,” says Kostadinov, adding that citizens do not have to reveal their identity or any other confidential information to the police.
The citizen who reports a crime act will give the data to duty police officer,” noted Kostadinov.
At the end of their awareness raising sessions, police officers also distributed information brochures and leaflets about the campaign to all students. 
Kostadinov pointed out that from March 2004 to October 2008, around 5,000 pieces of information about crime acts and their perpetrators have been reported to the Krimolovci hotline.
200 cases had been processed so far.
BiH and Algeria start negotiations over police cooperation
Dnevni list pg 4 - Negotiations between the BiH delegation and Algeria related to the police cooperation, particularly in a field of fight against organized crime, terrorism, human trafficking and narcotics, started yesterday in Algeria.
BiH Delegation led by Deputy Minister of Security Mijo Kresic proposed the principles and foundations of the negotiations.
West –Herzegovina Canton Government discusses internal structure of Cantonal MoI
Vecernji list supplement pg 5 – One of the items discussed by West–Herzegovina Canton Government was the Proposal of the Law on the changes and additions to Law on Internal Affairs. Minister Ivica Gaspar said that changes mostly refer to the internal structure of the MoI. He said that one of the changes is about the revocation of Administration Office, and all four police administrations will be re-established with aim of strengthening the local police forces. Administrations will be also formed in Grude and Posusje, which was not the case in the past.
Multifunctional radar installed in Bihac
Dnevni list pg 10, Nezavisne novine pg 10 - Multifunctional radar, worth more that 200.000 BAM, has been installed in Dr. Irfana Ljubljankica Street in Bihac.
“Radar is connected with a base at the Una-Sana Canton MoI’s HQ and registers over-speeding from both directions regardless the weather conditions. We hope that will contribute to decrease the number of car accidents”, says Ramo Brkic, Commissioner of Una-Sana Canton MoI, adding that laser speedometer has also other technical characteristics, which are very important in operational sense because it serves as video surveillance of that area as well.
Una-Sana Canton MoI received the above-mentioned radar from FBiH Government.
Nezavisne novine additionally inform that Bihac Municipality’s Administration will soon provide Una -Sana Canton MoI with another one.
Video-surveillance camera installed in Livno
Dnevni list pg 10 – Herzeg-Bosnia Canton MoI installed video-surveillance camera on one of the junctions in Livno. Camera will record the junction 24 hrs/day.
“According to our information many car accidents happened at this junction. Accidents were caused by over-speeding and neglecting of traffic lights. That is why we had decided to install this camera”, says  Ivica Vrdoljak, Spokesperson of H-B canton MoI.
> Crime cases/Law and order
Two explosions in Banja Luka
Dnevni avaz front page and pg 16 - Within only 10 minutes, around 2 a.m. yesterday, two explosions happened in Banja Luka’s settlements Laus and Paprikovac. Luckily nobody got injured, but significant damage was caused. First explosion happened in the yard of Bozo Kocic’s house where hand grenade M52 was thrown. This is not the first attack on Kocic’s house – the similar incident happened two months ago. Kocic did not want to speak about the possible motives, but Dnevni avaz unofficially learns that gambling debt was the actual reason.
The second explosion happened in the yard of Dusan Rakovic’s house. Police officers who were at the scene could not specify what explosive device was used there. Rakovic is a primary school director and his neighbors were shocked with what had happened and say that he is a nice and ideal citizen. On the other hand, some of his acquaintances claim that Rakovic had was involved in some shady businesses.
Banja Luka PSC could not make connection between these two explosions, emphasizing that ongoing investigation should give answers on possible offenders and motives of the attacks.
Nezavisne novine front page and pg. 13 publish Kocic’s statement: “I have never received any kinds of threats. Maybe the explosion has something to do with the fact that I am renting one part of my house to one Bosniac who holds his yoga classes there.”
Rakovic said that he believed this act was committed by drug addicts who were gathering in his yard.
Also reported in:  Oslobodjenje pg 24, Dnevni list pg 30, Vecernji list pg 4 Press RS pg. 14, Glas Srpske and pg 2
Trebinje County Prosecutor receives death threats
Nezavisne novine pg 4, Glas Srpske pg 16, Press RS pg 7– Four persons from Trebinje are suspected of sending death threats to Trebinje County Prosecutor Obrad Rajcevic. Rajcevic, who received phone threats, refused to comment on this issue.
According to unofficial information, Velibor Aleksic, Nikola Vujovic, Dragan Sarenac (Press RS says Drazen Sinikovic) and Drazen Radic are suspects in this case.
Vujovic and Sarenac were arrested few days ago in the scope of the continuation of “Leotar” operation. After the interrogation, Vujovic was released, while Sarenac was sentenced to 30 days in custody.
PSC Trebinje announced that they have filed a report to County Prosecutor’s Office against four persons from Trebinje suspected of jeopardizing the safety. 
According to Press RS sources, Rajcevic was their target because of the recent police operations conducted in the region of Trebinje during the last couple of months, when several criminals from this region were apprehended. One of them was Vujovic.
The objective of those operations, out of which some were led by Rajcevic, was to bust the organised crimimal groups involved in car thefts, drug dealing and other types of crime,” claims the source close to the investigation.
Also reported by: RTRS, Dnevni list pg 31
Zenica-Doboj MoI seizes 21 heroin packs
Dnevni avaz pg 16, Oslobodjenje pg 25, Nezavisne novine pg 12 - Upon the order of Zenica Municipal Court, Support Unit of Ze-Do Canton MoI searched the apartment used by Sanel Mujanovic from Zenica and found 20 heroin packs in staniol paper and 1 in cellophane. According to the information of Ze-Do MoI, Mujanovic was selling drugs in the area of Zenica and Travnik. After the search, he was arrested, and report will be filed against him to Ze-Do Canton Prosecutor’s Office.
Naser Oric’s ex wife released from custody
Nezavisne novine pg 3, Press RS pg 14, Glas Srpske front page “Naser Oric’s ex wife will testify against him” and pg 5, Dnevni avaz pg 10, Vecernji list pg 21, Oslobodjenje pg 25 – Sarajevo Canton Prosecutor’s   Office stopped the investigation against Naser Oric’s ex wife Zahida Oric and his accomplice Dzermin Kadric due to lack of evidences which could prove that they have been co-perpetrators in extortion case, confirmed prosecutor Dubravko Campara.
Both of them will be used as witnesses in this case,” announced Campara.
US lawyers abandon efforts to prove involvement of “Algerian group” in planning of terrorist attack on US Embassy in Sarajevo
Dnevni avaz pg 9 – “New Times” has published that US lawyers abandoned efforts to prove that members of “Algerian group” planned terrorist attack on United States Embassy in Sarajevo in Sarajevo.
The chief military prosecutor, Col. Lawrence J. Morris, portrayed the dismissals as unexceptional. Colonel Morris said he had asked for the dismissals so the files of the former prosecutor, could be reviewed.
“We have plenty of evidence to convict all of them,” Colonel Morris said, indicating that he would re-file charges.
None of the detainees were to be released.
> Political/ Other issues
BiH Parliamentary Assembly’s House of Representatives approves ratification of SAA
BHT, FTV, OBN - BiH Parliamentary Assembly’s House of Representatives unanimously gave an approval for ratification of the Stabilization and Association Agreement between EU members and BiH, thus paving the way for the parliaments of 27 EU members to do the same.
NTV Hayat reports that European Parliament will call on EU members on Thursday to accelerate process of ratification of SAA.
HDZ 1990 delegate in BiH Parliament Martin Raguz stated that this moment is very important for BiH and added that one should be proud and optimist with beginning of this process.
SDS’s delegate in BiH Parliament Momcilo Novakovic said that we should not feel some special satisfaction because BiH is the last country in the Europe which ratified this Agreement. He added that BiH will have much more duties than it can imagine at this moment.
SDA delegate in BiH HoR Halid Genjac said that there were certain obstacles for continuation of BiH’s way towards European Union, but expressed hope that those obstacles would be alleviated.
SNSD representative in BiH Parliament Drago Kalabic stressed that next few weeks would demonstrate readiness of BiH politicians to fulfill obligations defined by SAA.
Also reported in:  Dnevni avaz pg 10, Oslobodjenje pg 7, Vecernji list pg 4, RTRS, Nezavisne novine pg 2, Glas Srpske pg 3, Press RS pgs 6 and 7
EU Parliament discusses situation in BiH and SAA
RTRS - EU Enlargement Commission Olli Rehn during his speech before the European Parliament in Strasbourg underlined that BiH “must put EU-related reforms on the top of their political agenda and address the priorities of the European partnership, including state and institutional building. The political consensus in BiH is brought to collapse,” he assessed.
Because of that, reform processes were stopped. European perspective of BiH is being jeopardized by disagreement between BiH’s politicians”, he added.
Dnevni avaz front page “Doris Pack: Nobody respects OHR” and pg 9 additionally reports that on the EP Agenda was the Resolution that requests strengthening of state institutions and reform, as well as approval of a signed agreement. The Parliament will today vote on Resolution and SAA.
The initiator of the Resolution, German Parliamentarian Doris Pack said that BiH is “well-conceived state that doesn’t function”.
“BiH must live with the Dayton peace Agreement which doesn’t work properly. The unique state has to be strengthened by constitutional reform with consensus of everyone in BiH. The division on ethnic borders is deeper, OHR is not using its powers, nobody is afraid of it nor respects it. Politicians don’t do anything and situation can not be worse”, says Pack.  
Also reported in:  Oslobodjenje pg 2
BiH Parliament HoR discusses Law on BiH Intelligence and Security Agency and the Law on protection of classified data
BHT - BiH Parliament’s House of Representatives held a session at which delegates spent over two hours discussing the agenda. Two of the discussed items were principles of amending the Law on BiH Intelligence and Security Agency and the Law on protection of classified data. The session was ceased without an explanation.
Also reported by: OBN
Conclusions of the two-day prosecutor’s conference
BHT - Dissatisfaction with the penalty policy in BiH was expressed during the two-day conference of prosecutors in Mostar. Tax evasion, money laundering, juvenile delinquency and cease of investigations were some of the discussed matters.
It was announced that 82 indictments referring to money laundering and tax evasion have been filed during the past two years, and BiH Court reached 21 first-instance verdicts. Overall amount of the laundered money was around 20 million BAM. However, this is a small part of the real situations since most of the investigations on crimes are either ceased or result in acquitting verdicts. The prosecutors highlighted that they must stick to the slow legal procedure during the investigation. According to the Law on criminal procedure, valid evidence must be collected with a court’s approval. Confiscation of illegally acquired property is a rare case, even if the guilt is proven.
There are currently 300 prosecutors and around 25,000 employees within the Ministries of Interiors in BiH, which is insufficient for the fight against organized crime. Therefore, more technical equipment for prosecutor’s offices and police was requested, as well as more rigid penalty policy.
Dnevni avaz pg 7 reports that 162 millions BAM were laundered, but only 1,2 million were confiscated.
 Also reported in:  Dnevni list pg 2, Vecernji list pg 7
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Dnevni avaz – Midnight explosions in Banja Luka
Oslobodjenje – Feroelektro employees on strike: Blockade of warehouses in Zenica and Mostar to start today
Dnevni list – Banks have already increased interest rates
Vecernji list – 74 % of Croats would vote for Obama
Nezavisne novine – SAA unanimously ratified
Press RS – Who is obstructing the investigation of Djindjic case?
Glas Srpske – Bomb attack in Laus


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