PPID Daily media summary, 9 July 2008

>Police issues
FBiH Independent Board initiates procedure for selection and appointment of new Police Director
> Incidents/crime cases
Stabbing incident in Zenica
Drug dealer arrested in Banja Luka
Operation ‘Weasel’ results in drug ring indictments
Drug dealer suspected of child sex abuse
> Srebrenica Commemoration
More than 2.000 people start March of Peace towards Srebrenica
Naser Oric will not attend commemoration in Potocari
> Other news
TI temporarily closes its office in Banja Luka
TI announces lawsuit against Nezavisne Novine
Former Director of RS Road Directorate another victim of racketeering conspiracy
BiH Chief Prosecutor Barasin: We got nothing from RS police
HR’s Special Envoy Bond: Good cooperation between RS Government and Srebrenica
RS PM Dodik will not be sanctioned for disrespecting State symbols
>Police issues
FBiH Independent Board initiates procedure for selection and appointment of new Police Director
FTV - The Independent Board of FBiH Parliament yesterday adopted the Decision on initiating the procedure for selection and appointment of the Director of FBiH Police Administration. After the session of the Board, it was obvious that the decision was not in accordance with the Book of Rules. Seven members of the Independent Board had the letter of the European Union Police Mission to BiH, in which the Parliament and the Board were warned of such possibility. FBiH Ministry of Interior still has not received any official information and will take a standpoint later on.
After ten months of the mandate of the Independent Board of FBiH Parliament, this issue should have been legally solved, since the status of Zlatko Miletic has not been solved yet.
“Everything has been good so far, except of this legal irregularity. In this sense, we reacted and voted for initiating the procedure to appoint the Director of FBiH Police Administration in accordance with the Book of Rules,” stated the President of the Independent Board, Zoran Zekic.
The Book of Rules was, however, disputable, at the time of voting for the decision. According to Zekic, out of seven members, four of them voted in favour of the decision, one was absent, and two voted against. The Board member Muhamed Mujakic stated that, in order for the decision to be regular, at least five members needed to support it. 
Representatives of the European Union Police Mission attended and monitored the session of the Independent Board. EUPM has expressed dissatisfaction with the work of the Board several times so far.
“The EUPM has attended and monitored today’s session of the Federation Independent Board. We are thus aware of the decisions taken. We will now review and assess the decision. The EU Police Mission will continue to closely monitor the issue and all decisions and steps taken by the local authorities,” stated EUPM Spokesperson Sladjana Lizdek.
Dnevni Avaz, front page and pg 4 “Is Zlatko Miletic still Police Director?” stresses that the Board’s decision practically removes Miletic from office. However, the decision on his dismissal has to be issued by the Federation Government and Interior Minister Muhidin Alic because the IB’s decision has been sent to them, as well as to both Houses of the Federation Parliament and EUPM. Avaz notes that the IB’s decisions are final and binding, however, if Minister Alic and the Government reject them, uncertainty about the status of Police Director will continue.
The Federation PA refused to comment on the Independent Board’s decision. Avaz, however, obtained from the PA a letter which EUPM had recently sent to warn the Independent Board of certain wrong steps, as well as a disciplinary report which Miletic submitted last month against the Board’s member Sead Selman for “grave violation of official duty.” The PA disputes Selman’s membership in the Independent Board.
Avaz also highlights EUPM’s statement that the Mission will review and assess the IB’s decision “and will continue to closely monitor the issue and all decisions and steps taken by the local authorities.”
> Incidents/crime cases
Stabbing incident in Zenica
Nezavisne Novine, pg 12 – Sasa T (24) sustained a stab wound to the chest yesterday, during a fistfight among five men in the centre of Zenica. Police reacted swiftly and arrested all participants in the incident.
Drug dealer arrested in Banja Luka
Nezavisne Novine, pg 13, Press RS, pg 16 – A 39-year-old man was arrested in Banja Luka on Monday on suspicion of drug dealing. During the arrest, police found packs of heroin on him. With the approval of the duty prosecutor, the suspect was released after questioning
Operation ‘Weasel’ results in drug ring indictments
Oslobodjenje pg. 24, Dnevni Avaz pg- 16 – County Prosecution in Bijeljina has brought an indictment against a 10-member group of drug dealers from Bijeljina, Zvornik, and Banja Luka who were arrested during Bijeljina PSC’s Operation “Weasel” in March, when several kilos of various drugs were seized.
As it was confirmed by the Prosecution, the indictment was brought against Sladjan Lonco, Cviko Jevtic, Vujadin Stojanovic, Nadir Suljic, Slavisa Nakic, Ozrenko Blagojevic, Vlajko Stojanovic, Todor Stanic, Radan Skoric, Borisa Beatovic and Denis Hadzic. Lanco is charged with organizing a drug trafficking ring, while the other nine are charged with drug dealing.
Drug dealer suspected of child sex abuse
Oslobodjenje, pg. 24 – Officers of Trebinje PSC have filed another report to the Country Prosecution against Aleksandar Bratic, who is suspected of committing a criminal act of sexual exploitation of a child. This report is the result of the recent large-scale police operation in Trebinje area. Police first searched Bratic’s apartment and found 160 grams of marijuana. Later on, it was established that he was living with an underage girl to whom he was giving drugs. 
> Srebrenica Commemoration
More than 2.000 people start the March of Peace towards Srebrenica
BHT, FTV, Nezavisne Novine, pg 4 - Some 2,000 Bosniaks and others started yesterday a four-day walk to Srebrenica in a march to commemorate the 13th anniversary of the genocide.
The "March of Death - Path of Freedom" started from the village of Nezuk, near Zvornik, and is due to end in the Genocide Memorial Centre in Potocari on Friday, 11 July, the actual day of the anniversary of the genocide in Srebrenica.  
The marchers are to attend a funeral on Friday for 307 recently identified victims.
The group includes people from all over Bosnia, but also a group of Swiss parliamentarians and some 50 members of various non-governmental organizations.
US Ambassador to BiH Charles English announced that he would also join the march.
Dnevni Avaz, front page and pg 2 “Mirhad follows the road which his father did not manage to survive in 1995”, features the story of Mirhad Kandjerovic, who was a two-and-a-half-month old baby during the fall of Srebrenica, and who now joined his grandfather in the 100 km long March of Peace.
“I want to take the road which my father took in 1995 to save himself, but he didn’t survive,” says the boy.
The paper stresses that not only people from Srebrenica, but also from other places in BiH and abroad, are joining the March of Peace.  
Oslobodjenje, front page and pg 5 “Pride and tears on death route”, also brings emotional statements by a number of participants in the March and survivors from Srebrenica, adding the stories of “the monstrosity of the aggressor”.  
“Podrinje is full of sadness. A line of 3.000 people is dignified and proud,” says the paper.
Dnevni List, pg 3 “Serbia must fulfil its obligations towards BiH”, quotes the Chairman of BiH Presidency Haris Silajdzic saying that Serbia is obliged to hand over war criminals either to BiH or to The Hague. Silajdzic made this statement in Crni Vrh near Zvornik, where he joined the March of Peace.
Glas Srpske and Vecernji List do not mention the March of Peace at all.
Naser Oric will not attend commemoration in Potocari
Dnevni Avaz, pg. 3Naser Oric’s lawyer Vasvija Vidovic denied yesterday all media speculations that Oric will attend the commemoration in Potocari on July 11.
He is a free man and is allowed to go wherever he wants, but the also has a full understanding of the situation in BiH. I spoke to him yesterday and he said that he will not attend the commemoration because he does not want anyone to misuse his presence there to divert attention from the burial of 307 victims of massacre in Srebrenica,” said Vidovic.
Glas Srpske, pg 2 “Oric’s hands stained with blood on St. George’s Day”, brings a story serial of war crimes committed against Serbs in Srebrenica, Bratunac, Milici, Vlasenica, Sekovivi, and Zvornik in May 1992.
> Other news
TI temporarily closes its office in Banja Luka
BHT - Transparency International (TI) temporarily ceased the activities in BiH. The Steering Committee and Secretariat of this organization in Berlin assessed that their mandate did not include jeopardizing the lives of their employees.
Transparency International will stop all activities until conditions for its functioning are provided.
“If BiH Transparency International is not given adequate protection during the forthcoming period, no official of TI, either in Berlin or in BiH, has the mandate to jeopardize the lives of people. We think that after the statements from the press-conference held by the ‘National Front’, there is reasonable doubt that the lives of persons employed at TI are jeopardized,” stated the TI Spokesperson Srdjan Blagovcanin.
RS MoI still refuses to comment on this case, saying only that all allegations will be examined in accordance with the law and with the approval of the competent Prosecutor’s Office.
Also reported by FTV, Nezavisne Novine, pg 3, Dnevni Avaz, pg. 9, Oslobodjenje, pg. 2, Dnevni List, pg. 8 
TI announces lawsuit against Nezavisne Novine
Nezavisne Novine, pg 2 – Transparency International BiH has sent a letter to Nezavisne Novine announcing lawsuit against this paper for “an extremely unprofessional attempt to create public opinion in Republika Srpska and campaigning against those who point to illegal activities.”
Nezavisne Novine responded by saying that “TI is not interested in truth” and that the paper did not make up the victims’ statements.
“Instead of accusing us , you’d better carefully read the texts you dislike, especially the statements of witnesses who publicly claim that they were the victims of racketeering conducted by Ljubinko Lekovic, who has until recently been a senior official of the Transparency International.”
Former Director of RS Road Directorate another victim of racketeering conspiracy
Nezavisne Novine, front page and pg 3 – “Vasic: They offered me ‘help’ to take me off the black list”Nemanja Vasic, former Director of the RS Road Directorate, recognized the ‘reprinting’ protected witness, whose photo was published yesterday in Nezavisne Novine, as the man who contacted him two years ago offering help to take him off the IC’s black list.
“That’s him. He had more hair back than, but that’s him, I’m absolutely sure,” Vasic said after Vladimir Latinovic, the witness in the black lists manipulation case, told Nezavisne Novine that Vasic was one of those who did not take the bait.  
Vasic says he told his friend, a highly positioned official in one of BiH institutions, everything about ‘help offer’ and was advised that he was, most probably, approached by crooks. For this reason he gave Latinovic, who introduced himself as Alen, his friend’s telephone number and told him to get in touch with him. Vasic assumes this was the reason why Alen never contacted him again and he never saw him again until his photo was published in the newspapers.
BiH Chief Prosecutor Barasin: We got nothing from RS police
RTRS, Nezavisne Novine, front page and pg 3“BiH Prosecution has not received the report on the criminal offence nor has it been provided with the witnesses’ statements. If we get the report on the alleged racketeering, we’ll act accordingly,” BiH Chief Prosecutor Milorad Barasin said yesterday.
OHR said yesterday that PDHR Raffi Gregorian will personally give Barasin the letter he had received.
“On 6 February, PDHR Gregorian received the letter describing ways of discrediting the Transparency International,” OHR Spokesperson Ljiljana Radetic told SRNA yesterday.
“It seemed unbelievable at the time. However, last week’s events proved that the plan quoted in the letter is being implemented, which is why PDHR Gregorian asked for a meeting with Barasin to give him the letter as potential evidence,” Radetic said and reminded that President of ‘Narodni Front’ NGO Dragomir Babic was the author of the letter.
“As this letter is part of an ongoing investigation, we are unable to disclose any details or comment on it until we consult Acting Chief Prosecutor,” explained Radetic.
Nezavisne Novine learns unofficially that Gregorian will meet with Barasin today.
HR’s Special Envoy Bond: Good cooperation between RS Government and Srebrenica
Glas Srpske, pg 3 - High Representative’s Special Envoy for Srebrenica, Ambassador Clifford Bond, at the end of his one year mandate, paid a farewell visit to the RS Prime Minister Milorad Dodik yesterday in Banja Luka.
Ambassador Bond praised the efforts of the RS Prime Minister and his Cabinet related to the changes of the BiH Election Law which have enabled all former citizens of Srebrenica to vote at the coming local elections.  Ambassador Bond thanked Prime Minister Dodik, and through him, to the RS Government Ministries for their effective cooperation during his mandate as High Representative's Special Envoy for Srebrenica.
RS PM Dodik will not be sanctioned for disrespecting State symbols
BHT - There is hardly any legal possibility to sanction RS Prime Minister Milorad Dodik, who removed BiH flag off the table during his recent visit to Trebinje. The Law on BiH Flag stipulates sanctions for the failure to display the flag, while all other kinds of disrespect or destruction of the State flag should be regulated by the entity laws.
FTV – Disrespect or destruction of the State symbols – BiH flag and coat of arms – are not a criminal act. For example, setting a flag on fire can be treated as dame to property, if the flag is expensive. Therefore, Dodik has nothing to worry about, although he has once again shown his attitude towards BiH.
Dnevni Avaz, pg. 10 – While commenting on his behaviour in Trebinje, Dodik stated for Dnevni Avaz that “he needed to remove the flag because he was unable to communicate normally,” adding that there is no political background in this action. He also said that he has a BiH flag displayed in his office.
Also reported by NTV Hayat and Vecernji List, pg. 10  
Front pages
Dnevni Avaz - US Ambassador to BiH English: Srebrenica is something special for us
Oslobodjenje – Topcagic: BiH will gain candidacy status until 2010
Nezavisne Novine – RS Special Prosecution brings new indictments: Eight accused in ‘RS Privatisation’ Case
Glas Srpske – County Court in Bijeljina confirms indictment against heroin dealers
Press RS – (Serbian singer) Seka sang to (Serbian President) Tadic!
Dnevni List – Zlatko Lagumdzija “buried” multiethnic SDP
Vecernji List – Bosniaks have nothing against Croat TV channel


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