PPID Daily media summary, 21 April 2008

>Police Reform/Police issues
BiH authorities don’t know true cost of new police institutions
Trebinje Mayor: Arrests should have happened sooner
Chief Advisor to SIPA at EUPM, Brian Donley: Internet crime in BiH
>Crime cases/Incidents/law and order 
Rasim Kucevic killed in Tuzla
Jablanica: Catholic cemetery desecrated
Sarajevo: Police officers beaten up by four persons
Tuzla Canton MoI: Prostitution chain broken
Eighty convicts fail to return to BiH prisons after being granted leave of absence
Bosansko-Podrinja Canton – Drugs are coming from Sarajevo and neighbouring municipalities in RS
PSC Doboj: Five cases of drug dealing reported
Update on the threats on returnees to Fazlica Kula
>War crimes
Canton Livno MoI files 50 reports with BiH Prosecution
The investigations of the war crimes locations speeded up
> Other/ political issues
Update on the prepared assassination of RS PM Dodik
FBiH Education Minister Alic: We have offered our help in order for the children to go to school together
SDP Deputy President Slobodan Popovic called on all journalists in BiH to boycott the delegate of BiH Parliamentarian Assembly’s HoR, Sadik Bahtic
Cavic: I have no intentions in returning to politics
>Police Reform/Police issues
BiH authorities don’t know true cost of new police institutions
Nezavisne Novine, Front Page and pg. 3 “Money for police from representatives’ salaries – “Money needed to form seven new police institutions can be allocated from the budgetary reserve fund, as well as from the planned salary increase for people employed by BiH institutions”, Deputy Minister of Treasury Fuad Kasumovic said yesterday.
“Budgetary reserves are planned to cover unexpected costs, and the new police institutions were not anticipated at the time the budget was prepared. Anyway, KM55 million is reserved for the salary increase, but it doesn’t seem probable that this law will be applied during the first half of the year, so that this money can be used for the police institutions as well”, explains Kasumovic.   
The Ministry of Security is also unable to say how much the new institutions will cost. Mijo Kresic, Deputy Minister of Security, says this will be known after the rulebooks on their internal organisation have been adopted. 
Security Minister Tarik Sadovic says the Directorate for Coordination of Police can coordinate only the work of SIPA and Border Police.
“This institution is absolutely unnecessary, as well as the one which will educate and train only the personnel of these two state police agencies, or the institute which will perform forensic examinations only for them”, says Sadovic.
However, Deputy Minister Kresic says the Directorate for Coordination of Police is necessary.
“The Directorate for Coordination of Police will be gathering information relevant for the country’s security on a daily basis. We used to spend two and a half months begging the entities’ police forces to help us create the reports on security in BiH”, says Kresic.
Trebinje Mayor: Arrests should have happened sooner
Nezavisne Novine, pg. 9 – Trebinje Mayor Dobroslav Cuk stresses that he is not satisfied with security situation, adding, however, that Trebinje is not the city of crime.
“Trebinje is an administrative, business, sport, and spiritual centre of this region and one of the most significant centres in RS and BiH”, says Cuk.
 “Security situation is still not satisfactory, although it has bee improved in comparison with the past several months. The situation is not as we would want it to be”, he says, adding that municipal authorities cannot issue orders to police and judiciary.
“However, we want to cooperate and be kept posted of all good and bed sides of the security situation, so that we can help create better environment in Trebinje,” says Cuk.
He compares the crimes in Trebinje with an illness. 
“This is something that can be compared with an illness. ‘Infection’ occurred during and immediately after the war, there was an ‘incubation time’, and now we witness the manifestation of the illness. Most of those ‘tough guys’ are from our town, some of them we know, we know they come from good families and we wonder how come they do such things. I personally believe that all this is the consequence of the (post)war situation. I want them to get a proper punishment, but I also want the society to help them find the right way when they finish serving their sentence”, says Cuk.
Asked to comment on the recent SIPA operation in Trebinje, the Mayor said: “Everybody should do their job. Perhaps this should have been done sooner. Nevertheless, I think that was a huge and positive progress”.
“The RS MoI and Trebinje PSC plan to put Trebinje, as well as all our cities, under video surveillance. If this is going to help create safer environment, than it can’t be expensive… I have faith in RS police. The current events are only the flip side of Trebinje, because Trebinje is not the city of crime, but the city of prosperity and future.”
Chief Advisor to SIPA at EUPM, Brian Donley: Internet crime in BiH
NTV HayatAccording to the evaluation of BiH Regulatory Agency for Communications there were more then one million registered internet users in 2007 which is higher by 11% then in 2006. The investigation of internet crime in BiH is at the minimal level, thus huge danger is present from various deceits on the internet, in the field of bank accounts and internet pornography. BiH Ministry of Security only has the competence to coordinate the training and implement the Convention on cyber crime ratified by BiH, and it has very little information on this kind of crime in BiH.
 “The colleagues from RS MoI had deceit cases related to credit cards, while the deceits related to the use of internet in the name of other persons are more often in FBiH”, informed the FBiH Ministry of Interior.
 “FBiH MoI do not have a single expert from the field of internet crime and we have several posts for the experts from this field of crime but these posts are vacated because the law allows only internet advertisements, but FBiH MoI does not have such experts. We have a problem since we cannot systematically follow this field, we do not have the staff, material nor technical capabilities to control the possible misuse of internet”, said the Spokesperson of FBiH MoI, Robert Cvrtak.
British expert who works for the EU Police Mission to BiH, Chief Advisor to SIPA at EUPM, Brian Donley, explains that this kind of crime enters all homes. Internet is full with the pornography, and a part of it is related to children. Internet banking and the State’s informatics networks are endangered and BiH cannot fight against this since there is no law for this field.
The laws were not adopted, the police is not modernised for the fight against internet crime. Europe was stroke by these 15-20 years ago and it had to join the fight as internet was expanding. BiH has the situation in which there are no laws so BiH could not be engaged in this fight. Even if you find the perpetrators of crimes could you process them at all? Sometimes the answer is no”, accentuated Donley.
Difficulties could be expected soon since internet crime does not recognize the limits, especially since the number of users of this media is growing rapidly in BiH. Donley assesses that BiH might be seriously affected by this kind of crime and rapidly learn the lessons that the rest of the Europe already experienced. The key is in the hands of politicians and lawmakers who do not now a thing about this since they simply do not use the internet. 
>Crime cases/Incidents/law and order 
Rasim Kucevic killed in Tuzla
FTV, RTRS - Rasim Kucevic, also known as Todor, owner of several clubs in Tuzla Canton and one of five brothers of Tasim Kucevic, who is on trial at BiH Court for organized crime, was killed on Sunday morning 1 a.m. in Tuzla. Kucevic was shot by Alem Dervisevic from Gornje Zivinice, who is at large.
The incident took place in front of the disco club “Roma” in the center of Tuzla, which is owned by Kucevic’s family as well. After a dispute with the staff of the club, an unknown perpetrator shot 32-year-old Rasim Kucevic in chest.
According to preliminary information, the perpetrator is 24-year-old D. A., who is at large. BiH Border Police is also included in the search after him, besides inspectors of Tuzla Canton Ministry of Interior, who are conducting the search”, statedthe Spokeswoman of Tuzla Canton Prosecutor’s Office, Jasna Subotic.
According to reliable information, the police suspect that Dervisevic is hiding in Sarajevo, where he has been working during the last several months. There is no official information for now. “Witnesses are being interrogated, certain material documentation was confiscated, expert analyses and autopsy of Kucevic’s body were ordered”, notedSubotic.
Sanel Dervisevic, brother of the suspect Alem Dervisevic, is one of the witnesses interrogated at the Prosecutor’s Office. Sanel Dervisevic was forced to leave the discotheque around 12.30 a.m. His older brother afterwards decided to have a conflict with Kucevic brothers. Since Rasim Kucevic was the first one who showed up at “Roma” club, Alem Dervisevic shot him and escaped towards an unknown direction. The victim has paid some 200,000 BAM of bail six months ago, so that his older brother, Tasim Kucevic, can defend himself while at large, being accused for organizing prostitution that BiH Prosecutor’s Office charges him with. The trial of the oldest Kucevic is scheduled for Monday.
Dnevni Avaz Front Page “Rasim Kucevic killedreported that after the information about the murder on Rasim Kucevic was published in the media, Alem Dervisevic called the police, saying that it wasn’t him who committed the murder but his brother Mensur. He also said that his family would do anything in their power in order to hand over Mensur to the police.
As it was stated by the Tuzla Canton Police Commissioner, Nedim Mutapcic, police immediately started their search after Dervisevic brothers. Sanel was found soon and apprehended by the TC MoI while Alem contacted the police last night.
Also reported in: Oslobodjenje Front Page “Brother of the discotheque ‘Roma’ owner murdered” and pg. 20, Dnevni List pg. 21, Vecernji List pg. 53, Nezavisne Novine, Front Page “Rasim Kucevic murdered” and pg. 13, Press RS pg. 17
Jablanica: Catholic cemetery desecrated
Dnevni Avaz pg. 14 – Unknown persons desecrated Catholic cemetery in Doljani settlement near Jablanica, it was reported yesterday to Police Station in Jablanica. Head of the PS Jablanica, Avdo Djelmo, stated that after the conducted inspection it was ascertained that one of the grave stones was aslope, because the vandals were apparently hitting it with their legs. They also stole two flower vases.
One of the vases was found several meters from the cemetery as well as one small pillar. We have confiscated the vase and hope to find some fingerprints on it which could help us during the investigation”, said Djelmo.
Also reported in: Dnevni List Front Page “Vandals desecrated cemetery in Doljani” and pg. 21, Vecernji List pg. 2
Sarajevo: Police officers beaten up by four persons
Dnevni Avaz pg. 15Haris Hadzimuratovic (27), his twin brothers Alen and Adnan Hadzimuratovic (19) and Aleksandar Zivkovic (19) from Sarajevo were arrested two days ago because of reasonable doubt of attacking and beating up the police officer from the Third Police Administration Sarajevo.
As it was confirmed, the four persons, who were all under influence of alcohol, stopped the trolleybus in which the police officer was sitting. The citizens kindly asked the police officer to go out and find out why the trolleybus was stopped by the four young men. In the second he came out of the vehicle, the young men attacked the police officer and hit him with their hands and legs over his whole body. Several citizens also came out of the trolleybus in order to help the police officer. He was transferred to the hospital, where the doctors diagnosed a nose bone fracture. The perpetrators were apprehended and handed over to the competent prosecutor for further procedure.
Also reported in: Oslobodjenje Front Page “Drunk violators stopped the trolleybus and beat up the police officer” and pg. 21, Dnevni List pg. 21, Vecernji List pg. 53, Nezavisne Novine pg. 13  
Tuzla Canton MoI: Prostitution chain broken
Dnevni Avaz pg. 16 – According to unofficial information, members of Police Administration Gradacac and Tuzla Canton MoI broke a prostitution chain near Gradacac, and arrested and kept in custody at least five persons.
The police arrested not only the organisers and the women who were offering those services, but also some persons who were using those services, which is still kept as secret. Apparently, they are a part of two groups which were organizing prostitution and which were operating in the region of Gradacac for several years. Tuzla Canton MoI did not want either to denial nor to confirm those information.
Eighty convicts fail to return to BiH prisons after being granted leave of absence
Nezavisne Novine, front page and pg 5 “80 inmates escaped jail”, points out that the convicts in BiH, who are legally entitled to leave of absence, sometimes use this opportunity to permanently stay out of prison.
“During the first nine months of 2008, around 80 convicts escaped from the prisons in BiH. Most of them were granted leave of absence, while some used the opportunity of working outside the prison or while being transported to a hospital”, says the paper. 
Bosansko-Podrinja Canton: Drugs are coming from Sarajevo and neighbouring municipalities in RS
Oslobodjenje pg. 20 – In the last period of time, the presence of intoxicating drugs in
Bosansko-Podrinja Canton increased. According to police information, the drugs are coming to Gorazde most frequently from Canton Sarajevo and neighbouring RS municipalities. What worries the most is the presence of heroin drug, which is classified as a heavy narcotic.
According to the words of Sanjin Rasidovic, the investigator for preventing of the misuse of intoxicating drugs, during the last year 11 reports have been filed related to misuse of drugs, while four have been filed since the beginning of this year.
According to Bosansko-Podrinja Canton MoI data, the persons against whom those criminal records have been filed are between 23 and 30 years old. During the year 2007 one report was filed against a minor person.
In comparison to other parts of Federation, the situation in Bosansko-Podrinja Canton is not alarming, stated the Bosansko-Podrinja Canton MoI, adding that the reason for this lies in the fact that several activities have been conducted on regularly basis in order to fight this problem.
New plans are also currently ongoing, which will be realised by Bosansko-Podrinja Canton MoI in the cooperation with schools and other institutions, with an aim to inform the citizens even more, especially the youngest of them, about the negative consequences of drug usage.
PSC Doboj: Five cases of drug dealing reported
Oslobodjenje pg. 21 – Police officers from Public Security Center Doboj discovered five cases of illegal production, dealing and usage of intoxicating drugs in the first three months of 2008, and confiscated 1,8 kilogram marijuana, 9,4 gram heroin drug, 11 ecstasy pills and 29,3 gram amphetamine pills.
Five reports against six persons were filed to the County Prosecution Doboj due to illegal production and drug dealing, confirmed the Head of PSC Doboj Criminal Police Department Goran Djurkovic.
Update on the threats on returnees to Fazlica Kula
Dnevni Avaz pg. 2 – RS Vice President, Adil Osmanovic, stated yesterday for Dnevni Avaz that he attends to visit Fazlica Kula on Wednesday, the place where the Bosniac returnees have been exposed to new threats in the last couple of days.
I already had some activities related to those unpleasant happenings. I also contacted some of our people from this area. I also spoke to the Municipality Assembly Vice President and I surely attend to visit this part of Hercegovina”, said Osmanagic.
He explained that a meeting needs to be prepared before his visit in order for him to be able to talk with the Municipality Mayors of Gacko and Trebinje, with the heads of Public Security Centres and local police stations commissioners.
During the meeting we need to discus the issues which are unfortunately present not only in Hercegovina but also in other parts of country. It is first of all the RS MoI that has the responsibility to take care of the most vulnerable category of citizens, which are the returnees. This needs to be resolved efficiently and they must discover who was sending the threatening letters. Contrary, I am afraid that this what happened in Fazlica Kula could be amplifying on other parts of the country”, stressed Osmanagic.
>War crimes
Canton Livno MoI files 50 reports with BiH Prosecution
BHT - Ivan Bakovic from Tomislavgrad is the only case of legal sentence for the murder of 9 Bosniacs in the village Mokronoge by now. He was sentenced to 15 years in prison for the war crimes committed against the civilians at the territory of Livno Canton. The Head of Livno Canton Criminal Police Sector, Husein Bukvic, said that Livno Canton MoI had sent 50 cases related to war crimes committed in Livno Canton, to BiH Prosecution. Bukvic added that some of cases were formed based on private investigations and evidences collected by the citizens whose family members were killed during the war.
Nezavisne Novine cited Bukvic as saying that the Prosecution should establish whether there are grounds for indictments and assess the cases as ‘highly sensitive’ and ‘sensitive’, thus determining the courts that should process them. 
Also reported in: Dnevni Avaz pg. 8, Oslobodjenje pg. 5, Dnevni List pg. 4
The investigations of the mass war crimes locations speeded up
Vecernji List pg. 3 – Six BiH Prosecution’s and SIPA’s regional teamsintensified their investigations on the locations where mass war crimes were committed by all three sides during the previous war time period and preparing tenths of indictments. This was confirmed to Vecernji List by an unnamed source from SIPA, which claims that the investigations will soon be completed and handed over in order to raise the indictments. About 900 persons are enclosed by the investigations.
> Other/ political issues
Update on the prepared assassination of RS PM Dodik
Press RS Front Page and pg. 4 – SIPA Deputy Director, Dragan Lukac, confirmed the information published in Press RS on Saturday about the prepared assassination of RS PM Milorad Dodik.
RS Police Director Stanislav Cadjo stated for Press RS that the police take serious every kind of threats, especially discoveries related to possible assassination of PM or any other official, adding that every threat gets adequate treatment.
RS Police has a lot of information about the possible assassinations of the PM, but I assure you, there in no reason to be worried, since the police approach the information absolutely professional. RS Police invest maximum efforts in order for the PM, the other representatives and the citizens of RS to feel secure. Concretely, when it comes to the work and the activities of the RS MoI, I claim that the PM is safe”, said Cadjo.
FBiH Education Minister Alic: We have offered our help in order for the children to go to school together
Dnevni Avaz pg. 8 - FBiH Education Minister Meliha Alic stated that she was surprised that the municipal authorities and the competent cantonal institution were unable to find adequate solution by now, which will be in the interest of Bosniac and Serb children from the Elementary School in Capljina, and “secure the conditions in order for all children to go to school together”.
We are of the opinion that the children should have the possibility to go to their old school until the end of the schooling year, and in the meanwhile the conditions must be secured for them to be able to go to school together. We are ready to invest financial resources and to give any other kind of support in order to extend the current capacities of the building of the Elementary School in Capljina”, declared Alic.
Beside of that, from today on Bosniac and Serb children are going to school in Gubavica near Mostar, 30 kilometres away from Capljina.
SDP Deputy President Slobodan Popovic called on all journalist in BiH to boycott the delegate of BiH Parliamentarian Assembly’s HoR, Sadik Bahtic
BHT, FTV, RTRS - Deputy President of Social Democratic Party (SDP), Slobodan Popovic, called on all journalist in BiH to boycott the delegate of BiH Parliamentarian Assembly’s HoR, Sadik Bahtic, and his party – Party for BiH (SBiH), until he publically apologies for the attack on FTV team that took place two days ago in Bihac, at Sunday’s press conference in Banja Luka. 
Popovic also called on all citizens to support the petition against the adoption of the Law on salaries and other privileges of employees in BiH institutions and the Law on duties and rights of the delegates of BiH Parliamentarian Assembly. SDP announced to call the citizens on mass protests if the leading coalition sends this Law to the Parliamentary procedure in the second reading.
Cavic: I have no intentions in returning to politics
Dnevni Avaz pg. 4 – Former SDS and RS President, Dragan Cavic stated for Dnevni Avaz that he has no intentions in returning to politics in the next period of time. He remarked as speculations the information published in the media that he could be taking over the presidency of the non parliamentary Party DPS. He said that he was talking to the people from this party but the talks were exclusively private. Cavic also declared that the possibility of him showing up in the lines of SDS Party at the local elections does not exist at all, fist of all out of the respect for the functions he was performing previously, but also because he does not belong to the category of the people who deal with the politics at all costs.
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