PPIO Daily Media Summary, 11 June 2009

> Police/security issues
EUPM HoM Feller meets HNC police managers
Feller meets Lujic: EUPM mandate extension planned
Jovicic: I will complain to Strasbourg Court
Majkic: Lujic absolutely marginalised
Avaz learns “why Dodik’s spy was kicked out of RS MoI”
Former OHR Spokesperson also spied on Gregorian?
RS MoI calls on OHR to share information on banned private security agencies
Decertified police ask for Inzko’s assistance
Former Brcko BP Unit Commander to file lawsuit over suspension
Avaz editorial: Europeans’ shame!
> Incidents/crime cases
SIPA investigation in Dodik Case starts in Banja Luka
West Herzegovina police seize 700,000 KM in goods
> Political/other news
BiH HoR takes new step towards visa liberalisation regime for BiH citizens
RSNA postpones discussion on conclusions
Dodik: Powers that Inzko invokes are imaginary
Dodik: I will not respond to summons from BiH Court
Rehn: RSNA conclusions are an own goal for RS
FTV’s “60 minutes” show Mladic moving freely
> Police/security issues
EUPM HoM Feller meets HNC police managers
Dnevni List, pg 5 “EUPM satisfied with work of HNC police” – EUPM is satisfied with the swift appointment of the HNC Acting Police Commissioner and expects that the new Commissioner will be appointed soon. This is the conclusion of yesterday’s meeting in Mostar between EUPM HoM Stefan Feller with HNC Minister of Interior Zoran Kresic and APC Amir Begic.
Feller stressed that the EUPM will continue to support the work of the HNC police and that Kresic and Begic assured him that they will continue to work together to build trust.
“There is no reason why the new Commissioner could not be appointed within a month, and I have told the Minister and the Independent Board that that has to be their priority,” stressed Feller. He believes that the HNC Police is committed and ready to serve the interests of citizens, which is why a calmer political situation is needed, as well as the decision on who will be the new Police Commissioner.
“We are ready to do everything we can to assist in this process,” said Feller.
Kresic also expressed his satisfaction with the talks with EUPM representatives.
Nezavisne Novine, pg 2 “Appointment of PC is priority”, highlights that “Feller was pleased that the Government took immediate action and appointed an acting Police Commissioner after High Representative Valentin Inzko removed Himzo Djonko from that position,” and that he expects the new Police Director to be appointed in the shortest possible period of time.
Commissioner Feller stressed that the EUPM expects the HNC MoI to work on building the citizens’ trust in the police.
He also emphasized that the EUPM is obliged to assist the cantonal police, as well as that EUPM expressed its concern on a number of occasions about previous failures to appoint the Police Director.
Begic, who has been appointed Acting Police Director for the next three months, said he will do his job conscientiously during that time.
Dnevni Avaz, pg 10 “Amir Begic remains Commissioner”, says that “Feller stated indirectly that the next HNC Police Commissioner should be the Acting PC, Amir Begic”.
The EUPM HoM said that he will brief EU Ambassadors in Sarajevo on Friday about the situation in Mostar.
Feller meets Lujic: EUPM mandate extension planned
Dnevni Avaz, pg 8 – The Head of the EU Police Mission, Commissioner Stefan Feller, met yesterday with the Director of SIPA, Mirko Lujic, at SIPA Headquarters in Sarajevo. They discussed the current situation of the agency and the cooperation between SIPA and EUPM.
“Determined, professional and independent leadership of the senior management of SIPA is of utmost importance to strengthen state-level law enforcement. This remains a priority for EUPM”, said Commissioner Feller.
“SIPA has become a recognised partner of police agencies in the European Union and the region,” said Feller, who also informed Lujic about the planning for an extension of EUPM as part of the reinforced EU engagement in Bosnia and Herzegovina.
Jovicic: I will complain to Strasbourg Court
Nezavisne Novine, pg 7 – Radislav Jovicic, whom High Representative Valentin Inzko has removed from the post of Head of SIPA Operational Support Service, stated yesterday that he will initiate a lawsuit with the Court of Human Rights in Strasbourg over his “groundless removal from office”.
“Now I don’t have enough money to do that and I don’t know if I’ll succeed in initiating that proceeding. I’ll consult the lawyers as to what I should do as soon as I see the decision,” said Jovicic and reiterated that he was shocked at groundless accusations against him.
 “Mr. Lujic told me that Mr. Gregorian phoned him to say that the decision for my removal from office had been signed and that that was done upon his initiative because I was allegedly eavesdropping on him,” said Jovicic.
He backs up the arguments of his innocence with the fact that SIPA’s Eavesdropping Centre became operational on 1 June, while he was fired on 8 June, and that the system was integrated by international experts.
“Let the public judge on whether I had the opportunity to eavesdrop on anybody and have access to that equipment,” stresses Jovicic.
Jovicic was removed for anti-Dayton activities including threats to internationally protected persons”.
Majkic: Lujic absolutely marginalised
Glas Srpske, front page and pg 4 Dusanka Majkic, a member of the BiH Parliament’s Joint Defence and Security Commission, says that SIPA Director Mirko Lujic has been “absolutely marginalised, because the personnel which the OHR has appointed to this Agency are avoiding him and don’t inform him of their daily activities”.
“That’s why I understand the possibility of Lujic’s resignation. All these happenings, which have culminated after Jovicic’s removal from office, are seriously jeopardising the security system of the country,” she said.
RS Minister of Interior Stanislav Cadjo said that dramatic events always happen before the sessions of the Peace Implementation Council and commemoration in Srebrenica, and that it is “very symptomatic” that they are initiated by the same group of people.
Avaz learns “why Dodik’s spy was kicked out of RS MoI”
Dnevni Avaz, pg 2 “Jovicic enabled criminal to escape” – Although Radislav Jovicic claims that during 18 years of his police career he has never had a stain on his work, Avaz learns that while he was working in the RS MoI, at the time when it was managed by Minister Zoran Djeric and Police Director Radomir Njegus, Jovicic was obstructing the work of the MoI in every way possible, in cooperation with the then Special Unit Commander, Dragan Lukac.   
“At that time, just as now, he was spying for RS Prime Minister Milorad Dodik,” stresses the paper.
This especially refers to the arrests of persons indicted for war crimes. Jovicic obstructed the first such operation against a PIFWC in Teslic area by informing him of the planned arrest, thus enabling him to escape.
Njegus then conducted a thorough investigation, which determined that Jovicic was the key player. After that, the Police Director suspended him, but, owing to the help from Dodik and other influential people, Jovicic got the job in SIPA. Exactly these people hushed up the entire matter and tried to present Jovicic as a decent police officer.
Former OHR Spokesperson also spied on Gregorian?
Dnevni Avaz, pg 4 – Former OHR Spokesperson Suzana Bursac is also believed to be linked to the spying of Gregorian. She was uncovered and sent on “permanent sick leave”, a well-informed source told Avaz.
OHR told the paper that Bursac no longer works for them “because her work post is cancelled”.
RS MoI calls on OHR to share information on banned private security agencies
Oslobodjenje, pg 6, Dnevni List, pg 5, Dnevni Avaz, pg 4 – The RS MoI called on the OHR yesterday to share information on the illegal work of the private security agencies whose work has been prohibited by the decision of Brcko Supervisor Raffi Gregorian.
RS Minister of Interior Minister Stanislav Cadjo said he was “surprised at shocked” at the latest moves of High Representative Valentin Inzko and his Principal Deputy.
“It is symptomatic that these events are caused by the same circle of people. Time and circumstances almost always show eventually that all of that was a whole series of speculations,” said Cadjo.
Nezavisne Novine, pg 2“We express our readiness to check all relevant information indicating the existence of illegal eavesdropping and apply all measures to sanction such cases,” said the MoI.
Decertified police ask for Inzko’s assistance
Nezavisne Novine, pg 7 – Jovo Sinik, President of the Association of Decertified Police Officers of BiH, has sent a letter to High Representative Valentin Inzko, asking him to review and determine PDHR Raffi Gregorian’s “responsibility and abuse of office”.
Sinik asked for a meeting with Inzko so that the High Representative could also take part in resolving the issue of decertified officers.
“We have asked the High Representative to review the OHR actions with regard to preventing the decertified officers’ from enjoying their basic human rights and BiH from implementing the UN SC Presidential Statement of 30 April 2007,” said Sinik.
He stressed that “with its latest move, the OHR prevented the RS National Assembly from adopting the law on police officials only because the draft law that the RSNA had adopted did not get the green light from the OHR,”.  
Former Brcko BP Unit Commander to file lawsuit over suspension
Nezavisne Novine, pg 9 – Dragomir Majdov, former Commander of the Border Police Unit in Brcko, says he will file a compensation claim for being suspended from work for three years on the bases of “groundless accusations”. The claim amount is 1,1 million KM.
In 2006, the BP Disciplinary Commission suspended Majdov after the BiH Prosecution suspected him of involvement in goods smuggling. The BiH Court eventually acquitted him eventually, explaining that “his actions did not cause any damage nor did they enable acquiring illegal gain”.
The compensation claim will contain all monthly salaries and social contributions that he did not get during the suspension period (100.000KM), as well as 999.999.99KM for the suffering he went through during that time.
Majdov blames BP Director Vinko Dumancic and his closest associates for using him as their scapegoat in order to show that they were successfully fighting crime and corruption in their own ranks.
Dumancic denied these accusations.
Avaz editorial: Europeans’ shame!
Dnevni Avaz, pg 3 (by Sead Numanovic) – The removal of the two cops has caused turmoil in BiH. Radislav Jovicic and Himzo Djonko were removed from office after irrefutable proofs that they gravely violated the law were collected. Both of them have simply privatised the police service! Instead of forcing them to face legal consequences instantly, their fates are being lamented over, while they, acting in a manner typical of notorious criminals, lie and attack those who are the victims in this vicious circle!
Djonko, and especially Jovicic, are the worst possible exponents of the political mafia that has been destroying this country with their dirty business for years.
BiH is too weak to resist the destructive campaign of Milorad Dodik.
At this point the International Community comes on the scene. And fails the test immediately!
Had this scandal broken out, say, five years ago, the earth would have shaken in and around the police!
Now it is only the OHR who defends its stance. Most of the European ambassadors are competing to kiss the hand of the provincial from Laktasi, while frowning upon Inzko and keeping on a very short leash the toothless EUFOR and even worse EUPM.
While showing their readiness for a “compromise” where it must not exist, EU representatives display the worst example of their work and send a very dangerous message which, hopefully, they are not aware of.
Because if they are ready to give in to Jovicic’s and Djonko’s arrogance and their bosses, then they agree to be their victims! And they are pushing us into the chaos which they have been increasingly generating for whatever reason.
> Incidents/crime cases
SIPA investigation in Dodik Case starts in Banja Luka
Glas Srpske, front page and pg 5, Oslobodjenje, pg 3, Dnevni Avaz, pg 4 – SIPA office in banja Luka has started interviewing persons relevant for the investigation into the construction of the RS Government building, Banja Luka-Bosanska Gradiska highway, and RTRS building.
Dozens of persons who were in managerial positions in the RS ministries during the period covered by the investigation will be interviewed. 37 persons have been summoned only in relation to the highway construction.
Nezavisne Novine, pg 2 “SIPA interrogating some 100 people from RS” – One of the persons connected with the interrogations in SIPA said that the order for interrogating so many people has never been issued during any of the previous SIPA investigations since the Agency has been formed, and that this could be about a synchronised action in relation to the happenings in RS and pressures being put on it.
The paper reminds that SIPA Assistant Director Dragan Lukac is managing the process of evidence collection, while the media speculate that the OHR removed Jovicic from SIPA over his conflict with Lukac.
West Herzegovina police seize 700,000 KM in goods
Dnevni Avaz, pg 17, Oslobodjenje, pg 23 - Within the operation "Sword", West Herzegovina Canton (WHC) Police searched the house and movable property of I.B. (30) from Tihaljina settlement near Grude, seizing 135,000 boxes of cigarettes and three vehicles with forged license plates. The value of seized goods is estimated at 700,000 KM.
In addition, the police confiscated 11 license plates, 74 mobile phones, four radio communication devices with microphones and a number of other objects such as car antennas, car phones, etc. I.B. was arrested and released after the interrogation.
"Criminal charges against the arrestee will to be filed in a regular proceeding," said West Herzegovina Canton Spokesperson Damir Cutura at a press conference in Ljubuski yesterday. “We would like to thank the Cantonal Prosecutor’s Office in Siroki Brijeg for their cooperation. Their representatives were at the disposal to the WHC Ministry of Interior officials."
Operation “Sword”, aimed at curbing smuggling of luxury goods and narcotics, has been conducted for the last two months on the territory of Grude Police Administration.
> Political/other news
BiH HoR takes new step towards visa liberalisation regime for BiH citizens
Glas Srpske, pg 2, Nezavisne Novine, pg 2 – The House of Representatives of the BiH Parliament adopted a set of laws on border control, movement of armament and military equipment, international legal aid in criminal matters, as well as prevention of money laundering and terrorist financing.
Adoption of these four laws fulfils part of BiH’s obligations for the liberalisation of visa regime for BiH citizens.  
RSNA postpones discussion on conclusions
Glas Srpske, front page and pg 3, Nezavisne Novine, pg 3, Oslobodjenje, front page and pg 3, Dnevni Avaz, pg 2 – After a day-long consultation about High Representative Valentin Inzko’s request concerning the RS National Assembly (RSNA) conclusions on the effects of the transfer of competencies from RS to BiH, the RSNA adjourned its session last night without discussing Inzko’s request.
Representatives of the SNSD, PDP, SRS, SDS, DNS, SP, and a group of independent representatives, including those from Dragan Cavic’s Democratic Party, agreed on a set of five conclusions that represent their stance on Inzko’s request. However, it is uncertain whether the discussion on that will be done today as it the last point on the RSNA agenda. 
The essence is that their stance remains the same, i.e. that the RSNA conclusions are not anti-Dayton and unconstitutional, but the RSNA agrees that some of the conclusions need legal and political clarification.  
Dodik: Powers that Inzko invokes are imaginary
Glas Srpske, pg 2, Dnevni Avaz, pg 2 – RS Prime Minister Milorad Dodik stated for Tanjug news agency that the RS does not intend to give up on its competencies based on the Dayton Agreement, nor will it allow that they be transferred to BiH level, as demanded by High Representative Valentin Inzko.
Dodik stated this a day before the expiration of the deadline, 11 June, which Inzko has given to the RS National Assembly to annul its conclusions.
Asked who will have a problem when the deadline expires, Dodik said that it will surely not be the RS.
“The RS has brilliant options even if Inzko annuls the RSNA conclusions. The RS will be applying them anyway. The conclusions will be readopted when the High Representative leaves the country and then there will be nobody to annul them,” said Dodik.
He is convinced that the rights and powers that Inzko invokes are “imaginary” because they do not exist in the Dayton Agreement.
Dodik: I will not respond to summons from BiH Court
Dnevni List, front page and pgs 6-7 – Asked to comment on pre-investigative activities of the BiH Prosecution over his alleged abuse of office, and if he thought that international prosecutors had something against him, RS Prime Minister Milorad Dodik said: “Of course, and not only against me. They carry out processes against every politician whom OHR people consider to be standing in their way. The message they send to people is that we all are thieves, while they (internationals) are an example of decency. Basically all of them are the persons who apply police methods in their policies and BiH was able to function as a police state until now. But, if BiH wants to build its future in that way, I have to say that it is unsustainable... I am not ready to respond to a summons from the BiH Court, because it’s about a political and not legal case, so they will also have to act politically and not legally.”   
(PPIO Note: Full translation of the interview will follow during the day)
Rehn: RSNA conclusions are an own goal for RS
Dnevni Avaz, front page and pg 5 – The RSNA conclusions are an own goal for the RS and their implementation would represent an obstacle on BiH’s road to EU, EU Enlargement Commissioner Olli Rehn stated for Avaz. He says his message to RS political leaders is that he is seriously worried about the conclusions which the RSNA adopted on 14 May.
Rehn called on the RSNA to “make this issue its priority and in a way that will contribute to positive steps on BiH’s road toward the European integration”. 
FTV’s “60 minutes” show Mladic moving freely
Dnevni Avaz, front page and pg 2, Oslobodjenje, front page and pg 4 – FTV's "60 minutes" political talk show last night aired several amateur videos featuring Mladic and his family, showing Mladic attending the funeral of his daughter Ana, who committed suicide in 1994, celebrating the birth of his grandchild and at his son Darko's wedding. In the videos, Mladic is accompanied by his wife, Bosiljka, who lives in Belgrade. Her apartment was been raided several times, as has her son's apartment.
The wedding video shows Mladic and his wife dancing to the live music of Sarajevo pop band Plavi Orkestar - a favorite among the older generations of the former Yugoslavia, especially in Sarajevo, which was kept under siege for more than three and a half years by Mladic's forces.  
In most of the footage, Mladic is surrounded by many people, with strangers approaching him to take photographs with him. Some of the footage was filmed in Bosnia and some in military baracks in Serbia, according to the show's host, Bakir Hadziomerovic.
There is one segment of footage that shows Mladic attending the wedding of one of his bodyguards, apparently in 2000, in the Eastern Sarajevo suburb of Kula. In the footage, the cars driving by have new Bosnian license plates issued in 1998 and beyond. Another video shows a clearly older Mladic hiding what appears to be a cane behind his back.
In the latest report to UN Security Council, ICTY chief prosecutor Serge Brammertz noted that while Serbia had made "additional progress in its cooperation" with the court, "the search for and arrest of Ratko Mladic and Goran Hadzic " remained "the central issue in relation to Serbia’s cooperation".
Front pages 
Dnevni Avaz – Belgrade’s lies uncovered!
Oslobodjenje – Dodik’s representatives threaten to destroy BiH! (RSNA Assembly session)
Nezavisne Novine – Court doesn’t know where Momcilo Mandic is
Glas Srpske – Some 100 persons to be interrogated by SIPA
Dnevni List –Dodik: I will not respond to summons from BiH Court
Vecernji List – Not delivered


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